The flowers we love in Spring!

If you are getting married or planning any celebration event in Spring you are in for a treat! You will have an abundance of beautiful flowers to choose from, and no to mention the weather that's improving a lot now.

Below are our favourite flowers for spring time.

1. Peony. This is a very popular flower for weddings, especially for bouquets. The variety of pastel colours makes it perfect for any type of wedding!

2.Roses. No need to say more! They will always be a great choice for any season.

3. Lilac. This sweet-smelling flower adds a soft, subtle look to your flower arrangements

4. Hydrangea. A great low-cost option for centre pieces!

5. Tulips. They are fun, elegant and adds a stream-line look to any event.

6. Calla Lily. They are perfect for a bouquet!