A few reasons why you should hire your wedding decor

Choosing the correct decor for your wedding is crucial, but finding the perfect decoration can be a daunting task and take up hours and hours of your time searching endless websites! Once you know what you want, the question is: should you buy it all or hire it? Here we list a few reasons why hiring you decor instead of buying it makes sense!

1. It’s much cheaper than buying your wedding decor

Buying all the decor items you want can be VERY costly! When you hire wedding decor the price is usually about a half of the price of buying the items outright. That’s generally how we like to price our decor, so that you see the savings right away.​

2. Storage

Where ever will you store it all? I can tell you from personal experience that my house was a mess leading up to my wedding, it drove me crazy! It makes more sense to rent your decor if space is an issue as the decor will be "stored" off-site with us!

3. What do you do with it after the wedding/event?

This is the after-wedding conundrum,,, and we can ask the same question as above: where ever will you store it all? You can try and sell it or store it in an already full garage or spare bedroom? All of those options can be very frustrating and exhausting! If you rent you decor from us we simply pack it all up for you after the wedding/event and your garage and spare room stays uncluttered!

4. Delivery

If you bought huge items or a large amount of items, you might need to hire a van or trailer to transport the items to the venue, adding to the already expensive costs. On top of that you will need someone to pick up the items and set it up on the day which might be tricky to organise.

By hiring your decor, you are also hiring someone who knows how to set-up the decor as you want it and you’re allowing yourself and your guests to concentrate on other important things.

5. Sourcing Decor

Finding the decor you want can be very time consuming, but it can also be very rewarding to dedicate a lot of time to finding those perfect items. However, adding those hours to the time it already takes to plan a wedding can be very exhausting! We love sourcing unique decor items, and by renting our decor items it will save you loads of time you can use to relax and enjoy other important wedding planning related things. If we dont have a particular item you would want to rent let us know and we can possibly source it for you.

6. Not sure what you want?

It is completely ok to not know exactly what you want. Most couples change their minds plenty of times! If you buy decor items and you change your mind later it will be a shame as it will be money wasted. When you hire items from us you can change your mind up to two weeks before the wedding which takes the pressure of you!

We know everybody is different and that some couples will prefer to buy the decoration items, and this is completely fine. This blog focuses on some advantages of renting your decor instead of buying which will be more suitable for some couples.

We will be very happy to talk to you about your wedding or event decoration, please get in touch!